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This pretty blond takes everything close to her heart. Yesterday she downloaded new application for her phone-survival guide. And she decided to practice how to use it in the case of emergency. She took her cloth and went to the forest. In the forest she were acting like a model. Showing her boobs, touching them. She also touched her pussy. So this guide helped a sexy girl to survive in wild.

Liza: Naked blond using survival guide in the forest

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Liza: Gorge

February 24th, 2011

Liza loves to explore new corners of the country, especially with the beautiful views. In Crimea, she found the sacred grotto. According to the legend, there swam naked young girls. Our Liza, decided to try it too. She undressed and climbed on a big rock ledge and plunged her beautiful breasts in the water. Her blonde hair shines beautifully against a background of rocks. By embarking on a stone, she pushes her legs and shows her pussy.

Liza: Gorge by Grot

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