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Kalista: Up Front

July 24th, 2011

Testing new models is an important part of MPL’s casting process. Occasionally, a girl as bubbly and effervescent as Talia shows up and immediately you have a good feeling about her. Other times, model testing has more uncertain results. Some girls get invited to a test shoot. Others simply don’t have what it takes to captivate in front of the camera. The girls that do make it to a test shoot put themselves out there for members to decide. Kalista is an all new model. Does she have what it takes?

Kalista: Up Front by Jan Svend

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Sammie: Teen Super Tease

June 22nd, 2011

She’s very spunky & fun, trying out nude modeling for the first time in her life! An FTV-only total First Time Video girl, she wants us to see how she likes showing off her perfect figure. And what perfect figure it is! She’s got the perfect firm, round breasts, and the cutest butt you’ve seen! Seeing her in her winter clothes, she’s walking around a restaurant row, then takes her bra off and flashes her breasts. Before you know its, its bottoms off! Doing some full nudes back at home, she experiments with a vibrator. In the pink room, she tries on several different dresses and heels, then poses sexy for a shoot. It gets explicit with spreads, then with more vibrator play. All nude but in heels, she parades around naked, then gives her body a nice… Enjoy this flirtatious teen that you’ll only see on FTV :)

Sammie: Teen Super Tease

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Amelie: Bath House

June 10th, 2011

Russian bathhouses come in all shapes and sizes. Amelie, however, is one of a kind. If it gets too steamy, Amelie suggests a quick cool down to regain your senses. With this girl in the room, that’s easier said than done!

Amelie: Bath House by Jan Svend

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Jacky: Busty Babyface 18

June 2nd, 2011

Just turned 18, we meet this total first timer at a restaurant, check her IDs, and then have her flash her breasts right there! She’s got some really perfect, firm natural D cups! Next day, she comes in shy and nervous, so there is a strip tease warm-up. She talks about how much she likes sex, so we introduce her to some toys. She heads straight to the Long Pink toy and a vibrator… she likes them big! She double penetrates herself by using the vibrator anally, and pounds herself hard (and rather deep!) with the Long Pink toy. After getting off with those toys, she also uses a clitoral vibrator for more stimulation as well. We go out shopping at a mall, where she flashes several times, even gives herself… Got to see her massage those breasts hard! A total First Time Video Girl, exclusive to FTV!

Jacky: Busty Babyface 18

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